We all strive to have a business that attracts, retains, and nurtures talented employees, but the recent labor market has made it increasingly challenging. Learn more about how you can gain an edge with Agile Growth™ to help your company retain talent, empower them to take charge of their future, and have KPIs of your employees at your fingertips with minimal turnover.

Attraction: A new generation entering the workforce

Employees want to be part of a positive workplace culture that encourages collaboration while recognizing individual achievements through personal growth. By designing a path for those achievements with the Agile Growth™ framework, you can align them with the company goals and vision. Let’s say, you are a healthcare provider who has determined that the company wants to invest in AI. Therefore, someone in the company must learn this new skill (AI). How would you communicate this? Simply by adding it to a career journey.

Employees can grow in the direction we guide them with a transparent career journey and adaptable milestones to any role at any stage of the business. You can define journeys that will guide you to build cross-functional teams. Career paths will no longer need to be linear for any specific role and can branch out into different specializations catering to a new generation that seeks much more flexibility.

Demonstrate that there is a tangible future with a clear growth path and witness how motivation within your company increases while at the same time, you attract a new pool of talent.

Now that we know how to attract new talent, how do you keep it?

Retention: Lay the cards on the table

Give employees the option to choose from multiple paths towards their personal growth and build those paths based on your business’ vision so that you can provide value both for your employees and the company.

Employees seek the feeling of worth, not only in their work but also in how they are impacting the business overall. Encourage them to demonstrate their value by flipping the tables and asking them what they want to be better at, how that will help the business, and together build a path towards those shared goals. Allow employees to be part of the conversation long before the awkward “Can I have a raise?” question comes up and empowers them to make decisions that will benefit both them and the company.

Nurturing: Do check-ins with your team

Instead of performing yearly feedback meetings, we recommend you do them at least quarterly to keep verifying that the employee’s path is still on the right track to be accomplished. We also recommend doing monthly check-ins of at least 15 min each to check on the progress they’ve made on the exercises or courses they need to do to achieve their goals.

By granting them a space where they can assess their success or failure you will empower the employee to take responsibility for their future, by offering the company’s support and nurture.

Don’t know how to start?

Try Waystones.io guided tour that walks you through step-by-step on how to create your first journey.